Shoehorning aid

Item number: 43615

The robust shoehorn provides more safety and comfort in the everyday life of people with physical disabilities.

The easy-to-use special arm is the ideal aid for everyday needs.

The special advantage: equipped with a comfortable hook, the arm allows you to put on shoes without bending over, thus protecting your joints and back.

The ergonomically shaped handle made of high-quality plastic supports control in use for greater safety.

Thanks to its sturdy aluminum construction, the 80 cm long gripper arm is particularly light at 0.185 kg.

MSRP: 14,95 

Product details

- Shoehorning aid with aluminum tube
- With integrated hook
- Allows easy putting on of shoes
- Ergonomically shaped plastic handle
- Length: 80 cm
- Maximum load: 1 kg
- Dimensions: 80 x 10 x 5 cm
- Weight: 0,185 kg
- Color: blue

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