Infrared traffic light clinical thermometer

Item number: 01078

The handy infrared clinical thermometer

allows you to measure precisely and in a short time the body temperature of a person or the surface of an object.

In addition to an integrated acoustic fever alarm, the measuring device also offers a colored "traffic light" system.

Following the 1-second measurement process, the large LCD display lights up green, yellow or red.

This gives you a quick and safe and classification of the measurement result.

Easy and intuitive use is supported by an ergonomically shaped handle.

Suitable for measurement on the forehead, ears and various surfaces.

MSRP: 39,95 

Product details

Digital clinical thermometer with infrared

  • Measurement of human body temperature
  • Measurement of various surfaces: 0 to 100 °C
  • Precise infrared technology
  • "Traffic light" display: 34 to 43°C
  • Lights up green at normal body temperature
  • Lights up orange at slightly increased temperature
  • Lights up red at significantly increased temperature
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Memory function of the last 10 measured values (including date & time)
  • Energy saving: automatic shutdown
  • Measuring points: Forehead, ears, objects

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