Leg lifter, 61 cm

Item number: 43741

The practical leg lifter provides more safety and comfort in the everyday life of people with physical impairments.

With an overall length of 61 cm, the leg-lifting aid is ideal for people with limited strength in their lower legs.

Thanks to the two ergonomically shaped slings, the foot can be comfortably moved in the desired direction, lowered, lifted or repositioned.

Made of high-quality textile, the easy-to-handle special lifter is a lightweight at 120 g.

MSRP: 7,95 

Product details

- Leg lifting aid
- With slings at each end
- Independently lift or reposition the leg
- Suitable for people with limited strength in the lower legs
- Total length: 61 cm
- Dimensions when folded: 9 x 2,5 x 19,5 cm
- Weight: 0.078 kg
- Material:
- Color: black

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