About us

The Weinberger brand

Weinberger has been putting people first for 25 years. We see the world through our customers' eyes and develop products that are as individual and variable as the demands of your everyday life.

Improving autonomy and independence through safety, because that's how quality of life is created. This is our drive, which is firmly anchored in the Weinberger brand. Our customers enjoy the individual freedom and mobility they experience through our products.

To ensure that these benefits are not short-lived, we at Weinberger place particular emphasis on our quality management.
With Weinberger, safety becomes mobility and mobility becomes comfort.


Our products offer safety. They reliably perform their task and increase the independence of our customers. With our assistive devices, they master the challenges of everyday life with a secure feeling and more self-confidence.


Movement and mobility have a decisive influence on the quality of life. For the maintenance of social relationships and human encounters mobility is indispensable. That is why we offer a wide range of mobility aids that facilitate or enable movement with physical limitations or make them possible.


We offer a wide range of everyday helpers, Weinberger customers can use to make everyday everyday situations and tasks more and more conveniently. With innovative products, we offer you assistance in leading an independent life.

Attractive products

Looking for ways to support our customers even better and more comprehensively in their lives, we use all our experience and contacts.

Weinberger's success is based, on the one hand, on an outstanding product selection that has proven itself in extensive tests and over many years with our customers.

On the other hand, we constantly put product innovations through their paces and assess whether they could enrich our product portfolio in the interests of our customers. At no time do we allow ourselves to be seduced by short-term trends. Only products that meet our high quality standards are included in our product range for the long term.

Weinberger therefore stands for an attractive product selection that our customers can always rely on.